Based on: Toyota LC 200 5.7 petrol, with partition wall / VIP compartment

Niveau de Protection
Niveau de Protection:VR7 by ALPHA ARMOURING PANZERUNG GmbH

The armoured vehicles based on the Toyota Land Cruiser LC 200 are very popular in many countries and regions. Land Cruisers are greatly appreciated as they are very robust and easy to repair. We offer individual design options for upscale requirements: with partition wall between driver and VIP-passenger compartment or with extra leg space in the VIP lounge.

Additionaly ALPHA ARMOURING® offers a wide selection of high quality materials. In the example on the left, we present the design variation “Caravanserai“, which is designed in the colour combination of dark blue (exterior) and sand yellow (interior), to reflect sand and water. The VPAM BRV 2009 VR7 protection class gives you the comfortable feeling of security, just like in an oasis in the middle of the desert.

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